Tried to keep it quiet so the it would be a big BOOM.

OK, so with the important stuff first: have a look at the source code HERE.

People new to code, feel free to browse it with awe.
Pro's, feel free to look at that crap jibberish some noob wrote up, and give him a lesson.

If your somewhat familiarized with Git and Github, feel free to fork it, just make a pull request when you think that you made some good change.


  1. The school year started. That's right. And you know what's even worse? I'm on a new school (I don't know how you call it in English. High school? Probably. Gymnasium to be accurate). That means: less time to code. Open-sourcing Tunnelers prevents it from dying out.
    NOTE: This does NOT mean I'm leaving Tunnelers alone!
  2. I love open-source. I would probably open-source it even if I wasn't going to school.
  3. I like the Github interface much more than Bitbucket's, but Github doesn't host private repos for free.
  4. I was tired working on it alone. Now people can at least see that I'm actually doing something on it, file issues, create pull-requests, etc.

Pretty good reasons, huh? If you don't like them, well, bad luck. There's no way back.

Want to help? Sure! Just mail me, we'll have a chat.

Now to the other things:


Please please please subscribe to the newsletter you see on the left, if you want to continue getting news on Tunnelers. I never ever use those emails for something different than sending mails when there's a new announcement, and, as you see, that doesn't happen often. The process of sending the newsletter is automated, so you will always get the news first.

Chances are you're reading this only because I've personally told you. Please do subscribe.



  • fix bugs
  • add mute button
  • optimize network usage and client-side prediction
  • make a little graphics (but only a little)
  • bots. AIs. Call them what you want, but you will be able to play and have fun playing alone when they will be.


  • Mobile ports. Android and iOS. Maybe Ubuntu phone with some tinkering.
  • fix bugs
  • maybe add some tanks


  • public vote on what future roadmap. This is where all the fun starts. Just to be quick, you will be able to choose from: digging, new tanks, new game modes, new maps, better graphics, new GUI (see note), text and voice chat, controller support, new platforms and so on.

Note: I will completely recreate the GUI when the new GUI system arrives in Unity, and that will probably be later this year.

The gaming session

Thanks to everyone who was there. If you captured a video or something, mail me. Hope everyone had fun. I sure did. See you next time!

And a very important thing for the end:


To everyone who made this happen:

  • Shadowcrush, for the music and coding support, and for being cool.
  • @damagefilter, or Chris, or whatever you want to call him, for the excellent Unity networking tutorials. Without it, I don't know how I would code all of it. You can still see snaps of his code in the source.
  • and, of course, everyone else, who I am not going to name because I'm not going to risk I will forget somebody. I you ever asked when will Tunnelers be released, played it with me, criticized me or chat with me about it, you should be here. Great thanks. You make this happen. And to those thinking I should write you all down, I don't think it would fit here.

Thanks again. You helped Tunnelers: Unified be a reality, if only a fable one.