This is a bug-fix release, and I hate bug-fixing. Argh. There were like a ton of them. But they are gone. Well, mostly.

If you want, you can play or download it on Or you will, when I upload the packages. I've been delaying this for three weeks now, and I don't want to delay it anymore by not having time to build packages (EDIT: all done and uploaded).

Just to be clear, this is a MINOR RELEASE. I won't even bother doing a gameplay session, since the most visible change is probably the main menu tweaking.

I know, I know, half a year from the open-sourcing of Tunnelers, and I give you this, and say it's almost no different.

But actually it is different, but most of the changes are internal. For example the tank controller is completely new, and the syncing is much more reliable. The code is cleaner. I've started to implement interfaces for better modularity. I started commenting the code, so it's easier to understand. The whole project is ported to Unity 5. A whole bunch of GUI bugs were fixed, and settings were introduced. Also, the main menu was redesigned a little.

And don't forget that I was doing this all through school, so I had limited time for it.

But don't worry. The next release will be much more interesting. Details in the next post.

You might have noticed I changed the site theme. Hope it looks nice. Font is a bit too big, but meh. It's cleaner than the last one.

Also, added support for paying with Bitcoins. So, if you have some microbitcoins to spare and you have no idea what to do with them, chuck them this way, it'll be really appreciated. Cheers.