Well, after some time the registration is definitely ENABLED.

The problem with spammers is also solved (at least I hope). I'm testing a anti-spam plugin (it's like an anti-virus but it's anti-spam), and it seems to be working. I had 200+ users before it, but now it has deleted about 200 users and left me with 8. My host reported my database writable with 0.5 MB on it. It has a limitation of 30 MB and it was full. Again, because of this database problem, cause the database will not last forever, I might change the hosting to wordpress.com. Maybe.

Also: this site now has an alias on vacuumwithstyle.6f.sk . Technically, it's the same site, but with a different name. I like it more so I might change it permanently if there won't be any issues.

You might see this post on Facebook and Twitter too. I'm testing the auto-poster, so you can follow this page there too. No Google+ I'm afraid. It hasn't got an read/write API, so it's not easy to auto-post there. There are ways, but they're a bit difficult.

Be careful while registering please. There's a security question. As you might have guessed, the answer is no, but it reports correct/wrong answers 0/1865.

Oh, and enjoy the new generated avatars.