The Tunnelers: Unified Beta will be opened by a series of matches, so it would be great if you can all come. That's why this poll exists. You can see days from Wednesday to Tuesday (16.07.2014-22.07.2014 23.07.2014-29.07.2014 (mega apologies for this, I won't be here that week, sorry)). All times are CET (Central Europe Time, GMT+1). Please vote on all the times you will be available. The matches will take place on the day that receives most votes. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. [polldaddy poll="8180960"]

trembles with excitement

You can also preload the game data:

These builds however won't work online until the master server is launched, which will be a little before the start of the matches. Be sure to use the standalone builds rather than the web player, since the performance will be much bigger. The "universal" builds (Mac, Linux) can be run from both 32 bit & 64 bit, however, on Windows you have to download a specific version. See you on the battlefield.