Yes, I know, probably not that a big thing to have it’s seperate post, but it’ll sent to FB, Twitter & G+ automatically, and as I’m too lazy to do that, posting this’ll do it for me.

I accidentally wrote the wrong dates in the previous post. It’s fixed, so please correct your votes accordingly. Just for the info, it’s the week 23.07.2014-29.07.2014, so a week from now.

Also, a bit more info on the matches (since I’m writing this anyway), there will be one+ matches (according how many players will be), one will be Teamspeaked & streamed/recorded, and the others will be just for random people who don't know much about the game or don't have much experience with it and don't want to be on a sort of "comeback" match.

So that's that, be sure to invite everyone you know.